Be unique- follow the trendy mix and match fashion for a perfect style!


Fashion is derived from the Latin word ‘facere’ that means ‘to make’. Fashion is all about visualizing and representing one’s thinking. Fashion has become more and more diversified since the past few years and to stay ahead of the modern day challenges, one must stand out following unique fashion trends. In fact, you can develop one of your own, as fashion is all about ‘being comfortable in your own skin’. If it’s not something you are not congenial with, it’s definitely a big NO for your style statement.

You don’t have to stick around the hard and fast rules regarding fashion trends. It’s not necessary that the attire suiting a celebrity will suit you too. So, in the end, you have to create your own magic, your own mantra! And that’s possible, hell yes!

Try out exciting different looks

Mix and match fashion is all about creating enchanting and unique looks that represents one’s style and individuality. You can make ordinary clothes look exciting by adding the splendid concept of mix and matching.

Basics for mix and match

Following the same pattern of dressing and selecting the same basic colors over and over again can be quite boring. The imaginative mix and matching can be commendable for your exciting look. On must have a sense of fashion and concept of basic colors to get the things right. One must be well aware of which dress tone color suits him/her more. The bottom half of our body is less noticeable than the upper half of the body, so it’s better to avoid top and bottom attire of same color patterns as it seems less appealing. It’s better for you to buy a versatile variety of jewelry, bags, shoes, and accessories, etc. to make your look more fascinating.

How to mix and match

Mix and match include versatile selection regarding what is more suitable for your dress, your jeans, cardigan, and your pants, etc. If you have a vast variety of separates but don’t know where to begin, shortlist the items you love the most and try to choose basic neutral colors for bottom half like black, beige, browns, etc. and pop it up with vibrant, beautiful colors.

Significance of accessories

One crucial part is, people often neglect alluring accessories such as scarves, belts, shoes, jewelry, and handbags that make the look more eye-catching and appealing. Don’t forget to carry these accessories but don’t overdo your entire look or else all the effort will go in vain. Try to match the accessory of contrasting color rather than the exact shade of dress as it might look quite odd.

Steal contemporary styles

Depending upon where you are heading, you can choose among versatile contemporary styles wherever you go.

  • The bold color mix is one of the unique ways to glam up yourself and standout with your innovative look. For a creative surprise, your analogous dominant shade can be combined with an opposing color.
  • You can try on different prints and patterns for your mix and match smashing fashion. Don’t forget to select the same fabric family while mix and matching different prints to create one exciting attire.
  • Selection of shoes according to your dress can be a crucial part of creating an exciting look. You can choose the shoes in harmony with your clothes or a distinct one to justify your conventional style.

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